People are dying due to the negligence shown by government. But, BJP leaders are giving insensitive statements on death of the people due to collapse of a bridge in Mumbai.

After the collapse of a foot-over bridge near the CST railway station in Mumbai, insensitive statements have been given by leaders. Six people died last night due to the fall of the bridge, while more than 30 people are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The situation of these people is being described as delicate.

6 people have died and 30 are fighting for their lives in the hospital. Many families have been left devastated after this. But, BJP spokesperson of Maharashtra, Sanju Verma, gave such a statement that which seems to ignore the emotions of people in order to shove off the carelessness on part of the government. 

During a debate on a news channel, BJP spokesperson Sanju Verma told that the incident of falling down of the Mumbai’s footover bridge as natural calamity. She said, “People knew that work on footover bridge was going on. Despite this people went to the bridge and this is accident. This is a natural disaster.”

Everyone knows that there is a BJP government in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadnavis is the Chief Minister. Mumbai bridges are responsibility of the BJP government. Why and how did this accident happen? But instead of accepting the mistake of his government, BJP spokesman Sanju Verma is calling the accident as a natural calamity. That too when 6 people have died and 30 people are seriously injured!


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