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Nowadays, media has been inclined more towards party politics and less towards real issues. They usually focus on BJP and Narendra Modi in its news reports.

However, media and BJP both reject this claim. Despite that a BJP leader said that there are many “spoons (Chamcha)” in media of their party.

A video is going viral on social media of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy. In this video he opened about relations between BJP and media. He can be seen claiming in video that –

“There are many spoons (chamchas) of ours in media. Whatever we want them to say, they say… I don’t agree that media is against us.” 

Watch the video in which BJP leader gives this statement about media community:

Did you heard what he is saying?…He is saying that there are many spoons in media who can speak whatever they want. But, he refrained from taking their names.

This acceptance by Swamy revealed that relation between BJP and media is that of owner and ‘spoon’. Maybe, that’s why journalist Ravish Kumar calls government pro media as ‘Godi media’.