There is less than a month for Lok Sabha elections to take place which will decide who will become Prime Minister for next five years. Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP from Unnao, has expressed his intentions over the Lok Sabha elections saying that after this elections, there won’t be any elections in 2024.

He said during an event in Unnao, that 2019 is nation’s election and there will be no election in 2024. He said that this time there is Modi wave. It is to note that Lok Sabha elections happen after every five years. This means after 2019 elections, there will be lok sabha elections in 2024. By his statement, Sakshi Maharaj was implying that if Narendra Modi is elected as Prime Minister again then he will not let elections happen next time.

Did he mean that there will be emergency in India due to which elections won’t happen? Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, BJP has cleared its motive. I was already saying that if Modi and Amit Shah combo comes to power again then they will change constitution. 

The statement given by BJP MP implies that he is sure that if his party comes to power then there will be no next elections. This is against democracy and spirit of Indian Constitution. Is BJP dangerous for democracy?


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