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Ankit Raj

The same Bharatiya Janata Party is saying slogans of ‘Azadi’ which earlier used to be wary of it. This is the same party which got whole nation involved in the debate of ‘Nationalism’ to curb ‘Azadi’ of protestors.

Actually, Zoya Akhtar directed the film ‘Gully Boy’ which is all set to release on 14th February. This film has a song ‘Azadi’ which is in news. The song starts from the slogan which is inspired from Kanhaiya Kumar’s azadi slogans.

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Now, BJP and Congress is using this song to attack each other on social media. BJP shared a video on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles. The video has used ‘Azadi’ song of Gully Boy movie. It has visuals of scams related to Congress party along with allegations of ‘Parivar-vad’. BJP is asking ‘Azadi’ from Congress. Prior to BJP, Congress had also attacked BJP with help of this song.

Both these videos can be found on social media. Now, Kanhaiya Kumar has given reaction on this ‘Azadi’ video without taking anyone’s name. He wrote, ‘When we talked about freedom then they called us anti-national’. Truth is that everyone wants freedom. Difference is that they want freedom from their opponents but we want freedom from problems in this country’. 

In another tweet, he wrote that ‘Azadi slogan’ which he used in various rallies. That is :

Hum leke rahenge azadi

Garibi se azadi

Bhukmari se azadi

Bekari se azadi

Jativad se azadi

Manuvad se azadi

Samantvad se azadi

Punjivad se azadi

Bhed-Bhav se azadi

Nafrat-Hinsa se azadi

Pitrsatta se azadi #Azadi