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Alok Verma and his post have become controversial for quite a time. His removal as CBI chief yesterday has again become ‘talk of the town’. He was transferred to the post of DG of fire services, civil defense, and home guards. Here are some important points that relate to this case:-

  • Alok Verma had resumed his office on 9th January after he was sent on a 77 day forced leave. He himself transferred five officials from his office yesterday, i.e. on 10th January.
  • PM Modi led Select Committee which comprised of 3 members removed Alok Verma from his post as CBI chief. Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge voted in favour of Alok Verma but PM Modi and Justice A K Sikri.
  • M Nageshwar Rao took over the post from Alok Verma and is interim CBI chief till the time another person is assigned this post. He has also cancelled transfer decisions took by Alok Verma day before yesterday.
  • Alok Verma gave his response on the whole controversy saying that he tried to ‘uphold integrity of the institution’.
  • ” It must function without external influences. I have tried to uphold the integrity of the institution while attempts were being made to destroy it. The same can be seen from the orders of the central government and the CVC dated October 23, 2018 which were without jurisdiction and were set aside.”– Alok Verma said.
  • Special Director Rakesh Asthana, who was himself sent on forced leave had leveled allegations against Verma saying that he tried to interfere in Moin Qureshi case. Due to this, CVC did this investigation in which it found Alok Verma to be guilty. However, many are calling this act to be politically motivated saying that Alok Verma could have exposed Modi government on Rafale Deal.
  • Prashant Bhushan tweeted saying that, “Breaking! So, a day after he resumed charge as CBI Director, the Committee headed by Modi again transfers out Alok Verma post haste, w/o even hearing him, fearing the prospect of his registering an FIR against Modi in the Rafale scam! Such desperation to prevent any investigation “.
  • There were 10 allegations against former CBI chief Alok Verma. He was booked by CBI in October 2018.
  • A question arises, if Alok Verma is corrupt then why is he being made DG of Fire services, Civil Defence and home guards?