delhi riots
Delhi Riots: Kapil Mishra
Jagisha Arora

Delhi Violence: It’s been 4 days since communal hatred burned down my city, people were hacked to death on roads, slums were torched and all this left a deep scar on my mind. As a Delhi citizen; I hold central government, police and state government responsible for this riot along with those who directly committed the crime. While our prime minister and Home Minister were least concerned about the riots, Delhi government was not quick enough to put pressure on them. There were many videos which raises questions on the Delhi Police also.

Some people have been saying that it was a clash between two communities, but

delhi violence
Photo- Samim Asgor

The incident is 4 days old but the venom that was spewed against Muslims is not new. This is the result of 6 years of anti-Muslim statements made by leaders of the central government. From the day people have started the protest against unconstitutional CAA, politicians like Mr. Giriraj Singh to Kapil Mishra made speeches which harmed the sensitive ‘communal fabric” in Delhi.

“Muslims Should go to Pakistan” and Shaheen Bagh women are not protesters but prostitutes are some such statements made by BJP ministers.

Delhi violence was incited by the ministers of BJP. It started the day after the inflammatory speech given by BJP leader Kapil Mishra and that too in front of DCP. Kapil Mishra can be heard saying in the video clearly, “We are waiting till trump is here and after that, we will not listen to anyone and I am saying in the presence of DCP, we will come on the road and vacate the Chandbagh and Jafrabad.”

The day after he gave this inflammatory speech the communal riots escalated which led to loss of more than 30 lives. Many videos surfaced on social media where people can be heard chanting slogans of “Jair Shree Ram”. However, the riots affected people from both sides. Even journalists were left with traumatic experiences, they were shot at and molested.

A petition was filed on 26th February by civil rights activist Harsh Mander in which he demanded FIRs be registered against BJP leaders who gave hate speeches. These speeches affected the harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

The bench of Justices Muralidhar and Talwant Singh were hearing this petition. Justice Murlidhar said, “How many more lives have to be lost, how much property has to be destroyed?” However, he has been transferred to Punjab and Haryana High Court. His transfer was recommended back on 12th February but was notified after he gave some important directions to the Delhi Police in this case. He had directed Delhi Police to decide on registering FIR on Kapil Mishra, Abhay Verma, Pravesh Verma, and Anurag Thakur. 

I have heard about Sikh Massacre from my mother. She used to tell me about how Sikhs were targeted exactly 36 years back. This time in Delhi, Muslims have been targeted for protesting against CAA. Venom has been spewed against them by our leaders who hold responsible posts.

One important question, How is this a state-sponsored terrorism? The state police have
completely failed and even backed the mob. This is not my personal claim, many videos showing Delhi Police beating up the common people stand to support this. The Sikhs men were beaten, stabbed, doused with kerosene and burned to death by mobs. Sikh shops were looted, children were killed and women were raped.

Delhi is witnessing exactly the same scenario and now another minority is being targeted. People have died from both sides, but hatred has been spread by our leaders against the Muslims. Peaceful protests have been going on for a few months, women were standing with Indian flags. The communal hatred has not only attacked their constitutional right but also humanity. Today we need to understand that this is not a clash and I am reiterating again, it’s a pogrom against Muslims and BJP ministers who incited this violence should be behind bars.


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